Twin Cities Contracting Services-New Roof Installations

Twin Cities Contracting Services in Bloomington, MN. New roof installations since 1964. We've installed thousands of them. With decades of experience, our expert roofers can handle any roofing project with ease. And we always provide high-quality work and excellent customer service.

Re-roofing Service

Twin Cities Contracting Services does new roof installations the right way. With quality work, fast turnaround times, and affordable prices. So if you need your roof replaced, call Twin Cities Contracting Services in Bloomington, MN. And see how easy a roof replacement can be.

Repair or Replace

Once you start fixing up an old roof you may find that repairs become necessary on a regular basis, so you end up with a patched-up roof that needs to be replaced anyway. In the long run, it's usually less expensive to replace it with a new roof installation.

Storm Damage Inspection

Storms are the primary causes of roof damage. They can cause shingles to break their original seal, bruise their matting, and lose their granules. If you think you're roof has storm damage, call our roofing company for a free roof inspection.

Twin Cities Contracting Services In Bloomington, Minnesota. We Can Complete Most New Roof Installations In A Day.

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